Super Highway Classifieds is a web based advertising company.  Our goal is to advertise your company, products, offers you have, services, and other ads of items or interest at a reasonable rate. We offer various plans to meet your budget.  We are not a web presence provider. We are a private company that will place an advertisement for you, much like a newspaper or magazine. The difference is, we are much less expensive and have the potential to reach a greater number of people.

When you place an ad with Super Highway Classifieds We will place a link to your home page and to your E-Mail address if you have one.

Thanks for your interest in advertizing at Super Highway Classifieds. I am sure you are making the right choice. We are here to save you money with your ad.

Now for the low cost of the ads to be placed on Super Highway Classifieds.

Items, Individual and Personal Ads: $5.00 a month.
Business Ads: $10.00 a month
Employment Opportunities: $5.00 a month
Places Of Worship: Always Free

Special prices are available. We will work with you.........

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If you want to use regular mail service:

Submit your ad and payment to:
Super Highway Classifieds
4705 Canna Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89122

Make payment to: Super Highway Classifieds - in cash, check or money order

Although this site is totally new, it has the potential and will grow to high popularity status when known through out the world. Become a part of this new trend and stop paying for those high cost advertizements in newspapers and magazines

Thank you for your interest. I hope we can work together very soon.

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